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Tasty Recipe

Butter Chicken with ButterVegetable Gravy (Serves 8)
2 tablespoons butter/oil 1kg chicken pieces
2 teaspoons ground ginger 200ml cream
1 teaspoon ground garlic 200ml milk
4 tablespoons ground onion 200ml yoghurt
1 teaspoon red chili powder 100ml tomato purée
2 tablespoons coriander leaves
½ teaspoon garam masala (spices)


Melt the butter in a pan. Add the onion,ginger and garlic paste and cook until […]

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Recycle Me Not!

Each week thousands of kilograms of recycled material is contaminated by non-recyclable items.

The following is a list of some items that are not recyclable in Ajax and should not be put in your recycle bin:

Propane tanks or helium cylinders.
Styrofoam™ food trays
Clothing, shoes or fabrics
Pots, pans and scrap metal
Window glass or mirrors
Plastic, Styrofoam™ or paper egg […]

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Resident Submitted Topics

AMHC asked and residents answered. We’ve received a lot of ideas from residents for articles for our newsletter.  While we can’t tackle them all at one time, we will keep them on file for future editions.

V.H. From Post Hill Apartments writes:

“there should be something written about how to dispose of garbage properly, especially large items.”

Disposal […]

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Continued Story Headline

While your main goal of distributing a newsletter might be to sell your product or service, the key to a successful newsletter is making it useful to your readers.

A great way to add useful content to your newsletter is to develop and write your own articles, or to include a calendar of upcoming events or […]

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Inside Story Headline

In a few words, it should accurately represent the contents of the story and draw readers into the story. Develop the headline before you write the story. This way, the headline will help you keep the story focused.

Examples of possible headlines include Product Wins Industry Award, New Product Can Save You Time, Membership Drive Exceeds […]

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Inside Story Headline

The purpose of a newsletter is to provide specialized information to a targeted audience. Newsletters can be a great way to market your product or service, and also can create credibility and build your organization’s identity among peers, members, employees, or vendors.

First, determine the audience of the newsletter. This could be anyone who might benefit […]

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Good for the Environment!

Here are a couple of very simple, affordable home remedies to keep seasonal pests away:

Keep bees and wasps from your outdoor space by hanging paper bags filled with air to mimic a hive signaling “this space already occupied”.

Keep ants away by dissolving 1 cup white sugar and 8 or 10 teaspoons of borax in 1 […]

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Living With Nature

Our housing sites often come with green space that attracts squirrels, raccoons, skunks and other wild native creatures. Spring is a very active time for wildlife and you may see them more often. Make sure to keep garbage bin lids closed. Never feed wildlife or leave pet food in yards. Insects such as wasps, ants […]

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Howdy Neighbour!

Warm weather means doors and windows are opened to enjoy the fresh air. When living in such close proximity to others, your actions can greatly impact your neighbours.

Consider the following:

Be tolerant of childrens’ need to play. If you encounter problems,

begin with a courteous chat with the child’s parents.

Talk to your children about others’ need for peace […]

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Town of Ajax Bylaw – Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Being a responsible pet owner is much more than just providing adequate water, food and shelter for your pet.

Domestic pets are completely dependent on their owners for their welfare.

All pet owners should know their responsibilities are under the Town of Ajax Bylaw, AMHC’s Pet Policy, and Ontario’s Dog Owners’ Liability Act.

In General:

Dogs must be kept […]

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