Winter Newsletter 2020

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Fall Newsletter 2019

AMHC has just signed an agreement to upgrade the hot water tanks and heating units for all 100 townhouses at its River Breeze community.

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Summer Newsletter 2019

AMHC’s capital repair plan for Post Hill Apartment balconies is progressing well, in spite of a very wet Spring. This phase will see the East and West balconies replaced.

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Spring Newsletter 2019

It’s been a long Winter and the snow and cold temperatures definitely had an impact on our communities. Now that Spring is here, it’s time to move forward with several improvements and initiatives.

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Fall Newsletter 2018

AMHC has been installing brighter LED lights at all of its sites to save electricity and make public areas brighter at night.

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Summer Newsletter 2018

AMHC has just finished a major balcony renovation at Ashley Manor. Residents say they love their new balcony surfaces and railings.

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Spring Newsletter 2018

AMHC is pleased to announce that three more sites, Ashley Manor, Westwood Manor, and Post Hill Apartments, are now covered by a Smoke Free Policy. Surveys conducted at each site overwhelmingly indicated that residents were ready for a healthier change.

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Summer Newsletter 2017

Online Rent Payment is now Available! AMHC residents can now pay their rent online through their financial institution. If you’re still paying by cheque or in person, contact our office at 905-683-9269 to get required sign up information. Call now!

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Spring Newsletter 2017

AMHC is pleased to announce that These account payment numbers will starting on July 1, 2017, that AMHC be available starting June 15, 2017. residents will be able to pay their rent. online through their financial institution. “It’s a service that many of our residents have asked about” says General Manager Kevin Bradley. “It will make rent payment much more convenient” says Mr. Bradley.

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Fall Newsletter 2016

Even more residents came out to AMHC’s free BBQs this summer. More than 370 residents got to chat with AMHC staff, meet our summer students, and enjoy free food! Stay tuned for information about our Holiday parties in December.

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