Welcome to AMHC’s Resident Resource Area. It contains information, resources, and links  relevant to AMHC residents.

In May of 2023, Ajax Municipal Housing Corporation changed its name to Ashley Manor Housing Corporation (still AMHC)

AMHC’s Contact Information:

Address:              1 Richards Lane Ajax, Ontario L1T 3M3
Phone:                  (905) 683-9269
Fax:                       (905) 683-7324
Email:                   amhc@amhchousing.ca

Important Changes for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) Tenants

Beginning July 1, 2020, the Region of Durham will be simplifying the way that rent-geared-to-income (RGI) is calculated. After July 1, 2020:
• Your rent will be based on your income from your last Income Tax Return(1).
• Your rent will normally only change once a year after your Annual RGI Review.
• You will only have to tell us about certain changes to your income between Annual RGI Reviews.

(1) This applies in most cases. Individual calculations may vary as per Region of Durham Directives.

You will need to file your income taxes every year. When we do your Annual RGI Review, you will need to give us a copy of your Proof of Income Statement from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The Proof of Income Statement is a simple version of your tax assessment that summarizes your income and deductions for the tax year.

All RGI recipients must file their taxes every year to continue to qualify.

Register for online access to your CRA My Account so that you can easily print a Proof of Income Statement to give to us when needed. The CRA My Account is a secure portal that lets you view your personal income tax and benefit information and manage your tax affairs online.

If you are not already registered for My Account, you can sign up on the CRA website. The Region of Durham has an easy link to this site at www.durham.ca/housing. There is a helpful video on the CRA site to walk you through how to register for My Account.

If you have questions, please contact our office at (905)683-9269.

Reference Topics:

Rent Payment

There are many ways that you can pay your monthly rent to AMHC.  We accept debit, credit card, money order, certified cheque, personal cheques, pre authorized debit payments, and online payment. All debit and credit card payments must be made at our head office location. No cash payments are accepted. Most AMHC tenants sign up for pre-authorized debit, a free service, as it offers the most convenience, security, and reliable payment. To download the application form, please click here.

Questions regarding rent payment should be directed to AMHC’s head office.

Unit Repairs

For non-emergency repairs you should complete a work order form available from your building or online. Please ensure to include a description of the repair request and the best contact number to reach you. The completed paper form can be dropped in the drop box at each location, or at our main office at 1 Richards Lane.

For emergency repairs, such as floods, loss of heat, or hydro please call AMHC’s office during business hours (8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday) at (905)683-9269 or our after hours emergency line at (905)683-9269 outside of regular business hours.

Questions regarding unit repairs should be directed to the Building Facilities Manager.

Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) Applications

If you are currently a resident paying Market Rent and wish to apply for RGI assistance, you must put your request for RGI assistance in writing to AMHC’s head office, indicating how your income has changed.  An application form will be sent to your which must be completed and returned with documents to show your current income and status in Canada.

Each AMHC site has a limited number of RGI subsidies and there may not be one available for you right away.  If you a deemed to be eligible and there are no RGI subsidies available, you will be placed on a waiting list.  While you are on the waiting list you must continue to pay the full rent for your unit.

Questions regarding requesting RGI Assistance should be directed to the Resident Services Coordinator.

Changes in Household Income or Occupancy

If your household is currently receiving RGI Assistance and there has been a change, an increase or decrease, in household income or a change in the occupancy of your household, someone has moved out or has moved in, it must be reported to the Resident Services Coordinator immediately.   You will be required to send written documentation supporting the change to AMHC’s head Office.

Failure to report changes to your household income or occupancy may result in your household losing its RGI assistance and being evicted.

If you have any questions regarding income or occupancy changes, please contact the Resident Services Coordinator.


AMHC has rules that relate to the parking of vehicles on our property.  Residents must park in designated spaces according to their lease and the location where they live.   Residents living in townhouses have two parking spots. One in their garage and one in their driveway.  Parking more than one vehicle in the driveway or on the grass is not permitted. All guests parking on AMHC property must display a visitor’s parking permit on their dashboard if they are parking in a visitor’s parking space.  This applies at all times. AMHC residents are not to park their vehicles in visitor’s parking spaces. Failure to comply with AMHC’s parking rules may result in the offending vehicle being ticketed and or towed from the property at the owner’s expense.

Due to the limited number of visitor parking spaces at Hubbard Station (50 Station Street, Ajax), only one visitor’s parking pass will be issued to each household.

There is no visitor parking at 1 Richards Lane from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

If you have any questions regarding obtaining or relinquishing parking, visitors parking permits, or any other parking issue at any of AMHC’s locations, please contact the head office.

Garbage and Recycling

Taking proper care of garbage and recycling is important for keeping AMHC communities pest free and looking their best! All residents must dispose of their garbage by following the procedures at the site they live.  Residents in apartment buildings must dispose of their garbage in garbage chutes located on each floor.  Only small kitchen sized garbage bags are to be placed in the garbage chute.  Large items will clog the chutes and cause odors and attract pests.  Residents should ensure garbage bags do not leak in the hallways on the way to the chute by double bagging.  Recycling rooms are located on the lower floors of the building and signs are posted to help with what goes where.  Residents must not put any large items such as sofas or mattresses anywhere inside or outside of the building.  Contact the office at (905)683-9269 if you have large items that need disposal.  Residents who arrange large pickups, in advance,  with the office will have items picked up in designated areas at no cost. Residents who do not arrange for large item removal will be charged for the removal of the item.  Current removal rates start at $150.   Residents that live in townhouse communities must place their household garbage and recycling out to the curb according to the rules of the Region of Durham on the appropriate days of the week.   It is the responsibility of each resident to manage their own garbage and recycling in an appropriate manner.  Failure to do so may result in residents being charged for the removal and/or fines being levied by the Town of Ajax Bylaw Division.

AMHC Board Meetings

Meetings of the AMHC Board take place each month, except July and December, on the fourth Thursday of each month. For 2024 the Meeting Dates for the Board are:

January 25, 2024,  February 22, 2024,  March 28, 2024,  April 25, 2024,  May 23, 2024 (+AGM) , June 27, 2024,  July 2024 No Meeting, August 22, 2024,  September 26, 2024, October 24, 2024,  November 28, 2024,  December 2024 – No Meeting.   All Board meetings are currently held through ZOOM.  If you would like to attend a Board meeting via Zoom, please contact the AMHC office before 10am on the day of the meeting.

Pest Control

AMHC has a contract with a licensed Pest Control Company that handles all of the pest control issues for our portfolio of properties.  If you see any pests in your unit you must submit a work order as soon as possible.  AMHC will contact the Pest Control Company and arrange for treatment.  Depending of the type of pest, residents may be required to clear areas of their unit or vacate their unit during treatment.  Treatment success depends substantially on the co-operation and participation of the resident.

Questions regarding pest control should be directed to the Building Facilities Manager

Unit Content Insurance

It is your responsibility as a resident, per your lease agreement,  to carry insurance for the contents of your unit.  In the event of a flood, fire, or other event, AMHC will only cover the costs of the repairs to the unit structure itself.  Any personal items will not be replaced by AMHC.   Insurance is available for as low as $15 per month.  Click here for more information: http://tenant.hscorp.ca/

Rogers and Bell Installations (Apartment Buildings Only)

If residents wish to have new cable TV or Internet services installed in their unit, they must contact the AMHC’s head office first.  Rogers and Bell technicians will not be able to access locked utility rooms without making an appointment with AMHC’s site staff.

Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes are permitted, but are not to be attached to AMHC’s buildings.  Attaching to a roof, wall, or other building structure will cause damage and water leakage.  Residents will be held responsible for any damage caused by installation of their satellite dishes.  An installation request must be submitted to AMHC’s head office in advance for approval.

Tenant Disputes

If your quiet enjoyment in your building or unit is disturbed, particularly in the late evening or early morning hours, you should call the Police.  The next day you should advise AMHC’s head office of the incident and provide a written account.  This is the only way that AMHC can take the appropriate action as afforded under the Residential Tenancies Act. 

AMHC Feedback / Complaint Process

  1. Feedback/Complaints should be submitted in writing to AMHC using the Feedback/Complaint Tracking Form available by calling our Head Office at (905)683-9269.
  2. To address accessibility issues for identified individuals, complaints can be submitted through various channels including, in person, by phone, or via email. Receiving the complaint on the Feedback/Complaint Tracking Form is the preferred form of receipt. Click here to download.
  3. All complaints should be directed in writing to the General Manager of AMHC using the Feedback/Complaint Tracking Form, or if regarding the General Manager, to the AMHC Board President.
  4. After a complaint has been received by the General Manager, it will be logged in, in the Feedback/Complaints Handling Database.
  5. It shall be the responsibility of the General Manager or Board President (as per 3 above) to acknowledge an online inquiry within 48 hours with the following response:

“Thank you for (your inquiry, sharing your thoughts, providing me with this information). I have forwarded your concern to the appropriate staff for a response.  I will follow up with you within ten business days”.

  1. Once the complaint has been logged into the Complaints Handling Database, a tracking number will be provided to the complainant for future reference.
  2. A review of the complaint will be made to determine which area of AMHC’s operations the issue of concern relates to.
  3. The General Manager may contact the complainant to discuss the matter and resolve it.  If the matter is satisfactorily resolved, the complaint will not proceed further.
  4. A formal internal request will be sent to the respective AMHC staff member asking that they investigate the complaint and provide a formal written reply to the General Manager or Board President within 10 business days.
  5. The General Manager will be responsible for responding to the complaint and will place a copy of the response in the residents file. The response will be summarized and logged into the Complaints Handling Database Log for accurate recording that the complaint has been addressed, and to ensure the data is maintained for future reporting.
  6. The Building Facilities Manager and the relevant Superintendent will be contacted where appropriate about any complaint as it relates to their respective area of service and expertise.
  7. Every effort will be made to ensure that a written reply to any complaint will be made within 10 business days (where operationally feasible and provided all records needed to obtain the facts about the complaint can be acquired within this period of time to effectively respond to the complainant).
  8. If for whatever reason the necessary information to investigate the complaint cannot be obtained and a response provided to the complainant within the 10 day period, i.e. it has been determined that an additional period of time is required to effectively respond, then a written response to the individual who filed the complaint must be provided by the General Manager notifying the complainant of why an extension is required and to provide them with a proposed date that a response to their complaint will be provided.
  9. Once the complaint has been fully investigated and a reply has been prepared by the General Manager or Board President the Complaints Handling Database Log will be updated to reflect that the complaint file is closed.
  10. Should the individual who filed the complaint be dissatisfied with the response received from the General Manager they may write to the Board President indicating their dissatisfaction, along with a  copy of original complaint for their review. A written letter addressed to the AMHC Board President  may be sent to 1 Richards Lane Ajax Ontario L1T3M3.  The current Board Chair for AMHC is Lyndsey McNally.
  11.  A final response from the Board President will be provided within 15 business days or sooner, where operationally feasible.
  12. Following this process, if the individual remains unsatisfied with the response from AMHC, they may pursue other avenues such as MPPs, local Councillors, the Town of Ajax, or other avenues open to them for pursuit of resolution.

Links to Tenant Resources

Landlord and Tenant Board

Assists in the resolution of disputes between residential landlords and tenants by providing public education, mediation and adjudication services in a fair and timely manner.


Ontario Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Code protects people in Ontario against discrimination in employment, accommodation, goods, services and facilities, and membership in vocational associations and trade unions.


Region of Durham Housing Department

The Region of Durham, Housing Services Division is part of the Social Services Department. The office is located at 605 Rossland Rd. E. in Whitby (Regional Headquarters). They are responsible for many things including managing the application process and waiting list for rent-geared-to-income (RGI) assistance.  They also look after Homelessness Initiatives that assist households to obtain housing or to prevent homelessness. This portfolio includes domiciliary hostels and emergency shelters, as well as Housing Outreach and Eviction Prevention programs. It also includes the rent supplement programs.


Housing Stability Program

The Housing Stability Program (HSP) is available to assist households who are at risk of homelessness with eviction prevention; and homeless households with obtaining rental accommodations.

For qualified low-income households, benefits could include: Rent, heat or utility arrears to a maximum of two months. Benefits can also include connection fees and security deposits,last month’s rent deposit, and moving costs to a maximum of $200.  Assistance may be issued a maximum of once in a 24-month period.