Warm weather means doors and windows are opened to enjoy the fresh air. When living in such close proximity to others, your actions can greatly impact your neighbours.

Consider the following:

  • Be tolerant of childrens’ need to play. If you encounter problems,

begin with a courteous chat with the child’s parents.

  • Talk to your children about others’ need for peace and quiet.
  • Ensure your family & guests do their best to avoid unnecessary noise, especially late at night and in the early morning.
  • Be considerate that your neighbours are not negatively affected by your second hand smoke. Compromise by agreeing not to smoke during specific times of the day.

No one wants to live with tension or conflict – especially at home. Taking initiative to be a good neighbour can have great effects on the harmony in the neighbourhood!

In the unfortunate situation that neighbours are unable to resolve their issues, any complaints must be put in writing to AMHC’s head office.