AMHC asked and residents answered. We’ve received a lot of ideas from residents for articles for our newsletter.  While we can’t tackle them all at one time, we will keep them on file for future editions.

V.H. From Post Hill Apartments writes:

there should be something written about how to dispose of garbage properly, especially large items.”

Disposal of garbage and large items

Garbage issues are something that affects everyone. Though most residents take good care in disposing their garbage, it only takes a few people in a community who don’t to make the community look bad.

Many of the complaints we receive at AMHC concern the issue of improper garbage disposal by some of our residents.

The procedures for proper garbage disposal vary from site to site depending on the facilities that exist.  To assist residents, AMHC has created a DO and DON’T DO list which covers the main issues.


If you have curb side service… 

  • Use large green or black garbagebags that are tied securely, if youhave curb side service,
  • Put large items (e.g. dressers, mattresses, etc.) by the curb after 6:00 pm the evening and before 7:00 am on pickupday in your community (never on other days)
  • Recycle as much as possible in your blue bins
  • Put bulky goods out at the curb to be collected on a biweekly basis with the regular garbage collection (No appointment required). There is a limit of two (2) bulky items per bi-weekly collection


If you live in a building with a garbage chute… 

  • Use small grocery bags tightly tied to dispose of your garbage down the garbage chute
  • Double bag your garbage if the contents may be moist or prone to dripping
  • Only place items that fit into a grocery bag down the garbage chute
  • Place recycling in blue bins in the chute or in the recycling room
  • Contact AMHC’s head office to make arrangements to dispose of larger items.


If you have curb sideservice…

  • Don’t keep bags of garbage orunwanted items in your front yard, backyard, or garage
  • Don’t put your garbage out for curbside pick-up in shopping bags,“kitchen catchers” or cardboardboxes
  • Don’t put ANY items out on days other than your garbage collection day
  • Don’t put more than 4 bags of garbage out unless you attach a garbage tag to each bag. Garbage bag tags can be purchased from Ajax Town Hall 65 Harwood Ave. S.
  • Don’t use outdoor garbage containers to dispose of household garbage.

If you live in a building with a garbage chute…

  • Don’t put your garbage outside of yourapartment in the hall, next to the garbage chute, or in any common areas
  • Don’t put any large items, like carpet, broomsticks, mops, or pieces of wood down the garbage chute – contact AMHC’s head office to find out how to properly dispose of them