Would you know what to do if a fire started in your unit? Would your kids? Take the time now to review fire safety facts and tips so you and your family will be prepared in the eventof a fire emergency in your unit.

Fire Prevention

Of course, the best way to practicefire safety is to make sure a fire doesn’t break out in the first place. That means you should always beaware of potential hazards in your unit.

Start by keeping these tips in mind;

Electrical Appliances,Cords, Outlets

  • Are your electrical appliances in good condition, without loose orfrayed cords or plugs?
  • Are your outlets overloadedwith plugs from the TV, computer, video game system,and stereo?
  • Are you overusing an extensioncord?


Other tips

  • Don’t run electrical wires underrugs
  • Make sure lamps and nightlightsare not touching bedspreads,drapes, or other fabrics.
  • Don’t leave cooking unattended
  • Don’t let young children use kitchen appliancesby themselves