Now that school is out and the weather is warmer, there will be a lot more children playing outside. Time to slow down when driving in our residential areas. The posted speed limit in AMHC’s townhousecomplexes is 10km/kh

  • Watch out for children – If children are playing near or on the street, please use caution, reduce speed, and be prepared to stop quickly. Be alert!.
  • Lookout for pedestrians – Use caution when approaching and traveling through intersections, and don’t count on pedestrians to obey traffic signals or use crosswalks.  Always double check before turning or reversing.  Be careful when driving near people wearing earphones or older adults who may not see or hear a vehicle approaching.
  • Use caution around bicyclists – Children and inexperienced riders can be unpredictable while riding, so give them adequate space in traffic.  When passing cyclists, slow down, give them space, and do a shoulder check to ensure that it is safe to move back into the lane.
  • Parents – talk to your children about playing safe and watching out for drivers who may not see them. Each summer too many children are seriously injured because they are hit by cars travelling in residential neighborhoods. Slow down,