Living With Nature

Our housing sites often come with green space that attracts squirrels, raccoons, skunks and other wild native creatures. Spring is a very active time for wildlife and you may see them more often. Make sure to keep garbage bin lids closed. Never feed wildlife or leave pet food in yards. Insects such as wasps, ants […]

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Howdy Neighbour!

Warm weather means doors and windows are opened to enjoy the fresh air. When living in such close proximity to others, your actions can greatly impact your neighbours.

Consider the following:

Be tolerant of childrens’ need to play. If you encounter problems,

begin with a courteous chat with the child’s parents.

Talk to your children about others’ need for peace […]

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Town of Ajax Bylaw – Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Being a responsible pet owner is much more than just providing adequate water, food and shelter for your pet.

Domestic pets are completely dependent on their owners for their welfare.

All pet owners should know their responsibilities are under the Town of Ajax Bylaw, AMHC’s Pet Policy, and Ontario’s Dog Owners’ Liability Act.

In General:

Dogs must be kept […]

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Tenant Insurance – Why You Need it

The purpose of insurance is to protect yourself and your family from unexpected events that may occur when we least expect it and which may cost a lot to handle.

Ask yourself the following questions and you will better understand why insurance is something you need:

How would I get the money to replace all of my […]

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Moisture in Your Unit- Preventing Mold

Too much moisture in the air in your unit may cause mold to grow.  Help avoid or minimize the problems caused by excessive moisture by remembering the following:

Close your bathroom door when using the shower/bath tub and turn on the bathroomfan
Leave the bathroom fan running at least 15 minutesafter showering
Do not dry wet clothes, bath […]

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Rent Payments Made Easy

It is very important that you pay your full rent on the first of each month.  Paying late costs you more and can jeopardize your tenancy with AMHC.

AMHC offers many easy and convenient ways for you to pay your rent. At our head office you can by:

Interac Debit
Visa, Mastercard
Money Order
Personal Cheque

You may also provide postdated […]

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Keep You and Your Family Safe

Would you know what to do if a fire started in your unit? Would your kids? Take the time now to review fire safety facts and tips so you and your family will be prepared in the eventof a fire emergency in your unit.

Fire Prevention

Of course, the best way to practicefire safety is to make […]

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Quick Facts About AMHC…

Ajax Municipal Housing Corporation was incorporated in 1982
First projects, Ashley Manor and Monarch Mews, were completed in 1984
AMHC now has 574 rental units, including our most recent site, Hubbard Station. More than 1,200 people call AMHC their home!
AMHC offers both market rate units and rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units
AMHC pays more than 3.3 million dollars each year […]

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